Monday, October 26, 2009

The museum sale went... okay. I sold two pieces. It definitely wasn't my best show, but I talked to some other artists, and they were disappointed with their sales, too. I'm glad it wasn't just me.

I found a note that I had overlooked on my last payment receipt from the gallery asking me for more stuff. (whoops!) It's been almost a month since I received that. I want to see what the plans for this new co-op are before I get back with her, though, because under my current gallery contract I wouldn't be able to do both.

Nothing new to report; hopefully I'll have something interesting to post after the co-op meeting.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Things are Looking Up!

Sales picked up during the summer at the gallery. I sold 5 pieces, which was good.

I'm also in another sale at Dennos, which starts later today and ends Sunday. This one is much more exclusive, and I've already sold a piece! I went in yesterday morning to set up my table, and there were a few museum visitors milling about, looking at the inuit art collection and pre-Columbian American gold exhibit. A couple made their way over to my table to see my work, and after some admiration of the snow pieces, the lady decided she had to have the "Perfect Snowflake" print. They bought it on the spot, and I didn't even have to give Dennos any commission, because the sale hadn't started yet! (I did replace the Perfect Snowflake print before the end of the day though, so that everything I had on my table was true to the inventory sheet I'd turned in.) It was very exciting.

To add to the excitement, another artist saw the exchange, came over to look at my work, and invited me to be a part of an artist co-op that's starting up. They've got a show/retail space on Front Street (tourist gold!) and I'm going to attend their meeting on Tuesday to see if it's something I'd like to be involved with. It sounds kind of promising. My current gallery is on Front Street, but they take a commission of 50%. It would be nice to be in a more beneficial situation.