Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Retail Ready at Last!

For the past four weeks, I'd been worrying about my official "retail ready" gallery deadline, which happens to be tomorrow. I'd never sold work before this series, so I had a lot to do, and a lot of mistakes to make. Whenever I made progress, it didn't seem tangible, and there were many setbacks. However, sitting here looking at the sheer number of pieces that I made during that time, I'm experiencing an unprecedented sense of accomplishment. There are two framed 16x20's, two framed 11x14's, six framed 8x10's, eight matted 11x14's, and eight matted 5x7's. That's a total of 26 pieces that had to be printed, cut, mounted, signed, and sometimes framed. In addition, I had to design description cards from scratch for each image, and attach those to the finished pieces.

It was a lot of work, but I learned so much about photo printing and mounting. The finished pieces look really great.

I hope I get to do this again someday.

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