Monday, January 18, 2010

Contest entry for Gardening Gone Wild

One of my hobbies is gardening, so when I saw a photo contest on Gardening Gone Wild with the theme of Winter's Beauty, I knew I had to submit an entry, and I knew which shot it had to be.

This shot was taken with the field microscope in one of the vegetable boxes on the deck, and I was really happy with the fact that I got the snowflake in the process of melting, but managed to capture it before the detail of the heart of the snowflake had melted away. I thought it worked well for the garden blog contest, because not only does it show snow, but also magnified soil, and I think they play well together.


  1. How wonderful! You've captured the intricate detail of the snowflake so well. Better than one could see with the naked eye, of course. Brilliant.

  2. What a jewel! Love the contrast of soil and ice.