Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm re-naming the cat "Stewie"

A funny thing happened to me yesterday while photographing snowflakes. I was out on the back porch, and the cat was inside the house meowing to come out with me. I ignored him and continued with my work until my fingers got too cold to work correctly, at which point I usually go inside. When I went to go back in, the deadbolt was locked. The cat had actually trapped me out on the back porch in the freezing cold!

Our chest freezer is by the back door, and Marley (our cat) likes to lay on it. We knew he could reach the deadbolt because we've watched him paw at it before. He knows it makes a fun clicking noise, and he knows the humans use the shiny things to open the door. He's never really shown any interest in it when we're outside, though; usually he's on the floor meowing to come out.

Yesterday, he must have put two and two together and tried to let himself out by switching the deadbolt over. If we lived in a house, there wouldn't have been a problem. However, we live in a second-floor apartment. There was no way for me to get down from the deck. I didn't have a phone, keys, gloves, or a hat; just my coat, boots, and laptop. I started banging on the door to try to wake my husband, who was sleeping at the time, but he didn't hear me because our room is pretty far from the back door.

Luckily I had a wi-fi connection out there, so I actually put a "HELP I'M TRAPPED!" message on facebook asking somebody to call the leasing office. About 20 minutes later, maintenance was there to open the door. The whole thing was really funny, once I warmed up. Who actually gets locked out of their house by their CAT?

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