Monday, January 18, 2010

Snow is my "KHAAAAANNNN!!!"

Snow is proving itself to be the bane of my existence. I must've been really lucky last year. Here it is, almost February, and many of my best shots from this year are just mediocre. The snow has been the same old thing, and my equipment is really frustrating me. The digital field microscope only captures 3 megapixels; my phone takes higher-res pictures. Granted, the field of vision is a lot smaller on the microscope, so you don't need as many megapixels, but the frustrations are still there. Also, the depth is challenging. Many potentially awesome shots are marred by a blurry patch from something being a millimeter closer to the camera (or further away) in the shot, and because the imperfection is tiny and made of ice, I can't move it out of the way. (The radiant heat would melt the flake I'm trying to capture, even with gloves or the use of a tool.)

A friend and fellow artist suggested that I enter some contests to get my morale back, and I've taken her advice by entering a landscape shot I got while walking the dog along the bay at my parents' place in a couple of competitions. The next post is actually going to be a contest entry for one of the photomicrographs, so if that post seems out of place with the tone of the rest of the blog, that's why.

Other than that, things are relatively slow in my little art world, with the exception of receiving an email from Dennos with an application for their small works show in May attached. I'm excited to try out some new shots and see how they sell. I'm hoping to do better this year than last year, and last year I sold five.

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